A Fan Leaks Disturbing Details Regarding Noah Schnapp's Stay at University

Date:  September 5, 2022

Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things is attending the University of Pennsylvania. While he seems to be enjoying his university life, a fan has revealed some disturbing details regarding Schnapp's close friends on campus.

He recently moved into one of the dorms on campus to begin his freshman year. He's reportedly a business major. Now allegedly one of Noah Schnapp's classmates has made some claims about the actor's stay at the university. According to the details, Noah Schnapp is surrounded by fake friends who are planning to pressure him to do drugs and alcohol.

One of the leaked conversations even suggested people putting things in his drink. The thread also claims that girls at the school are trying to take advantage of him in weird and gross ways such as date raping him.

It also says that people from his college are taking videos/photos of him and posting them out of context and selling them to paparazzi sites.

Update: The original Twitter account that posted the thread has been deleted. It had gotten more than 12k retweets. You can check the screenshots below.

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User @burner4noah posted these claims on Twitter as he wrote.

"Hello, I have a friend who attends the University of Pennsylvania. As everyone may know, Noah Schnapp also attends this university. I have been told several things about his stay at the university, which I will talk about in this thread."












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One comment on “A Fan Leaks Disturbing Details Regarding Noah Schnapp's Stay at University”

  1. Idk why someone would cancel him for being unaware and if so they have issues. Why cant this person go directly to him and warn him instead of going on social media Where there is the chance he wont see it?

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