Every Character Missing From The Trailers of Season 4

Date:  October 23, 2021

The makers of Stranger Things have released three teaser trailers so far. The promo material features a Russian setting, Hopper's return, Hawkins' lab, and exciting new characters. Despite the fact that there are three teasers, we still don't know the exact story of season 4 as the makers have cleverly kept it a secret. Today we are gonna look at all the major characters missing from the teasers.

Stranger Things' last promo piece aired during Netflix's recent TUDUM event. It featured an extended version of the Creel House. Dustin, Lucas, Steve, Robin, Nancy and Max enter Creel's abandoned house, looking for clues. We also get to know that there is a connection between the Creel case and Hawkins' portal. In a 1950s flashback, the Creel family arrive at their new home, only for the father to brutally murder the others.

Curiously there are some main characters missing from the teasers. Some of these have been featured in previous promos, while others haven't been present at all. These are the characters missing during the Creel House investigation, and where they could be.

Will Byers


Will Byers played by Noah Schnapp hasn't featured in any of the Stranger Things seasons 4 promos far. At the end of season 3, he moved out of Hawkins, which accounts for his absence alongside friends Dustin and Lucas at Creel House. In the trailer released back in August, we did see a shadowy figure with their back to the camera watching a car burn by the roadside. Judging from the outline and hair, the character could be Will, but we don't know for sure. That's as much as we've seen of Will in Stranger Things' season 4 promos.

Will Byers was the centre of attention in season 2 and Noah Schnapp impressed the audience with his stellar performance. However, he was sidelined in season 3 which many views saw as a problem. His absence in season 4 promos could either mean that he will not get much screentime or the makers have kept it secret deliberately.

Mike Wheeler


Mike Wheeler was devastated at the end of season 3 after his love interest Eleven and his best friend Will moved out of Hawkins. In the latest promo, Mike isn't seen breaking into Creel House with his friends and sister, nor is he riding bikes with them in the previous trailer. This could be due to the fact that the actor Finn Wolfhard is featured in the upcoming Ghoostbuster movie: Afterlife. Thus Mike might have a reduced role in season 4. The actor has revealed that the new season would be messy.

It could also mean that maybe it's Mike who mysteriously vanishes this season, prompting his friends and family to go searching. His disappearance might even be connected to Victor Creel, explaining why the Stranger Things gang are clue-hunting at Creel House. Or maybe he spends the season grieving in his room because Eleven and Will left.

Joyce Byers


Joyce moved out of Hawkins taking Eleven, Will and Jonathon hoping for a quiet life. She has undoubtedly gone through a lot in the earlier seasons. In this season she may discover that Eleven has been captured, and she'll fight for her adopted daughter's safety just as hard as she fought for Will's. She might also get to know that Hopper is still alive and will be looking forward to an emotional reunion with the police chief.

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Jonathan Byers


Jonathon is the final member of the Byers family clan missing from Stranger Things' season 4 promos. Played by Charlie Heaton, Jonathon also moved out from Hawkins at the end of season 3. Thus he was missing during the search of Creel House, which is exactly the kind of opportunity he would've jumped at in previous seasons. Also, it's odd seeing Nancy investigate without him.

We don't know what will happen to Jonathon Byers. Season 4 might be teasing a reunion between Nancy and Steve Harrington. It will be interesting to see that how Jonathon will act after the former couple will go on searching without him.

Karen Wheeler


Karen Wheeler has become a key supporting character across 3 seasons of Stranger Things. As Mike and Nancy's mom, she was limited to a background presence. Hence, it's no great surprise that Karen isn't anywhere to be found in Stranger Things' season 4 promos. In season 4, she might get to know about the lethal misadventures her children are getting up to. Also it will be interesting to her action when she will get to know about the death of Billy.

Murray Bauman


As Hawkins' conspiracy theorist, he will indeed return in Stranger Things season 4. It is no doubt that Murray will have his own ideas surrounding the Creel murders case. Played by Brett Gelman, Murray hasn't been spotted in any trailers. He might be busy establishing a connection between Russians and Upside Down.

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