Stranger Things Confirms Henry Creel's Sexuality

Date:  November 5, 2023

Henry Creel was introduced in the fourth season of the popular TV series, Stranger Things. His character proved to be exceptionally intriguing, instantly capturing the audience's fascination. Among the many mysteries that emerged, one prominent question revolved around Henry's sexuality. Now we might have found the answer to this intriguing aspect of his character thanks to the stage play.

Season 4 didn't receive substantial insights into Henry Creel's personal life. The series portrayed him as a sensitive individual who was often subjected to bullying. While the show did not explicitly address Henry's sexuality, many fans had speculated that he might be gay. The recent revelations by Stranger Things writer have finally confirmed Henry's sexual orientation.

Stranger Things Writer Confirms Henry Creel's Sexuality

As many of us are aware, a Stranger Things play is currently in the works which will delve deeper into Henry Creel's backstory. Recently the plot of the play was disclosed by its writer, Kate Trefry. According to the author, the play revolves around the love story of Henry Creel and the girl he meets. This new insight has confirmed that Henry was straight and had a girlfriend as a kid.

While the writer did not give any names, it is most likely that the character in question is Patty Newby, who happens to be Bob Newby's sister. This connection became apparent when the cast announcement for the play paired Henry opposite Patty.


This recent revelation definitively dispels the rumor surrounding Henry Creel's sexuality, confirming that he is not gay. While this news may have caught some by surprise, there were early indications pointing in this direction. For many fans who had believed that Henry might be queer, this confirmation was disappointing who shared their frustration on social media.

Some viewers were also dismayed by the decision to introduce a romantic storyline for Henry Creel. These viewers held the perspective that Henry was just born evil and didn't require a romantic interest to justify his actions. They speculated that this romantic element might have been introduced to evoke empathy for Henry and potentially set the stage for a redemption arc in his character development.

Stranger Things has shown many parallels between Henry Creel and Will Byers hinting that they are connected. However, the revelation of Henry's sexual orientation indicates that they may not be as similar as we initially believed.

How Henry Creel's Relationship Will Affect the Plot

henry creel

There has been a theory going around about how Henry Creel turned evil. It states that Henry experienced profound heartbreak due to a tragic fate that befell Patty Newby, resulting in their separation. It's suggested that this loss pushed Henry toward a darker path. This theory gains some credibility, particularly since Patty was never mentioned in the series, not even by her brother, Bob.

The separation might have been caused by Hopper, Joyce, and Bob. That is why Henry who later turned into Vecna, killed Bob and abducted Joyce's son Will Byers. Looking at the recent new information, this theory seems to have some merits. Nevertheless, it is for sure that Henry Creel's love story will play a major part in shaping his personality.

Furthermore, the writer of the Stranger Things Play also revealed that Hopper and Bob share a Steve and Dustin like relationship. Hopper's character in the play appears to have hypermasculine daddy issues. In addition, the play will provide insight into Joyce's earlier life before she embraced motherhood, revealing a substantially different aspect of her personality.

The much-awaited Stranger Things Play will have its premiere on 17 November 2023.

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