Did Will Byers Wear Apple Watch in Stranger Things 4?

Date:  July 12, 2022

Stranger Things fans were convinced that they had caught the Duffer Brothers when they spotted Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) wearing what seems like an Apple Watch in the season 4 finale.

Recently some Twitter users wondered if Stranger Things has done a blunder like Game of Thrones did with the Starbucks cup.

A Twitter user earlier this month shared a screengrab from the show where Will Byers, wore full 1980s fit and completed it with what looked like an Apple watch. Now fans were confused as this smartwatch did not drop until 2014. Sharing the picture on Twitter, the user wrote, “What?? Is that an Apple watch in 1986??? Stranger Things.”

Another user wrote, “Checked out Stranger Things, did Will have an Apple Watch or am I tripping?

Another one wrote, Whaaaaaat?? Is that an apple watch in 1986??? 


At first look, it really seems like an Apple watch, but other Stranger Things fans were quick to clear up the confusion.

It turns out what viewers first thought was an Apple Watch actually turned out to be a classic 1980s Nelsonic watch.


Nelsonic Industries was a major electronics company in the 1980s, which produced children's toy-themed watches and Game Watches.

"No, is a Nelsonic Qbert Game Watch" one fan clarified.

"I’m pretty sure it’s one of the watches you can play games on from the 80’s", another pointed out.

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And a third tweeted: "When you think you spot an apple watch in #strangerthings but it's actually an 80s Nelsonic arcade watch.. amazing detail in this show."

So it turns out that Will Byers was not wearing an Apple Watch. You can watch season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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