Netflix is Keeping an Eye on Noah Schnapp's Behavior

Date:  November 25, 2023

Noah Schnapp has been in the spotlight for several days but for all the wrong reasons. The controversy surrounding his actions on social media does not seem to end as people persistently calling for consequences for the actor.

He was facing criticism for sharing Instagram posts expressing support for Israel, which some perceived as being anti-Muslim. Recently he was seen promoting stickers with offensive phrases like "Zionism is Sexy" and "Hamas is ISIS," leading to a widespread negative reaction on the internet.

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Since the onset of the controversy, Schnapp has faced severe backlash on social media, with calls for his cancellation. Notably, he has experienced a substantial loss of around 800k followers on Instagram. He has also turned off comments on Instagram after it was flooded with pro-Palestine phrases.

Currently, Noah Schnapp's sole ongoing project is Stranger Things, with no other lined-up ventures. Consequently, fans are urging for his replacement in the final season, and there are calls to boycott Stranger Things 5 unless an alternative actor is chosen. Some people are demanding Jaeden Martell to play Will Byers in the final season. The controversy has also prompted several fans of the series to exit the fandom.

Amid recent incidents within the industry, there is a growing and fervent demand for casting changes in Stranger Things. Notably, actress Melissa Barrera was dismissed from the film "Scream VII" for expressing support for Palestine, and Susan Abigail Sarandon was dropped by her agency after she spoke at a pro-Palestine rally. In light of these events, fans are now calling for similar consequences for Schnapp due to his endorsement of the phrase "Zionism is Sexy."

Netflix is Monitoring Noah Schnapp's Conduct

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Netflix is facing significant pressure to address the persistent controversy surrounding the actor. According to a report by The Streamr,

Netlfix is keeping an eye on Noah Schnapp's behavior following the video where he promoted "Zionism is Sexy". However, it appears unlikely that he will be fired, recast, or killed off in the final season of Stranger Things.

As it is the last season, Netflix won't introduce any casting changes that could disturb the overall viewing experience. Additionally, Will Byers takes center stage in season 5, so he won't be killed off in the early episodes or given a brief role.

There are also reports that Noah Schnapp had a meeting with Netflix executives a few days ago. Although the details of the meeting remain undisclosed, there is speculation that Schnapp may have been advised to maintain a low profile and abstain from any social media activity for a certain period. There is also a possibility that the actor might issue an apology on social media regarding the offensive video.

After reports surfaced that Netflix is monitoring Noah Schnapp's behavior, fans are calling on the streaming giant to hold him accountable in the same way other actors have faced consequences.

Social media users also expressed anger when Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien deleted an Instagram story supporting Palestine. It fueled speculation that her public relations team might have pressured her to remove the post. However, Schnapp has not addressed the controversy yet.

Now that the filming for the final season of Stranger Things is about to begin, Netflix will be hoping to avoid any further backlash. It is likely that the Stranger Things cast will be reunited for the final table read very soon.

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  1. I just want to know why Israel deserves to get shielded from criticism, especially when it's spent decades doing what Russia's been doing for only two years.

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