Eduardo Franco Will Not Return as Argyle in Stranger Things 5

Date:  January 12, 2024

The production of Stranger Things' final season has officially started. While fans eagerly anticipate the latest developments, there's also some disappointing news: one beloved character won't be returning for season 5.

Eduardo Franco who played Argyle in Stranger Things, has confirmed that he won't be part of the cast in the show's final season. He was introduced in season 4 as a comedic character and the friend of Jonathon Byers (Charlie Heaton). His character gained recognition for his distinctive long hair and his job as a pizza delivery boy for Surfer Boy Pizza.

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Netflix recently released the first photo from the sets of Stranger Things 5, officially confirming the commencement of production. Although the image included all the major characters, fans noticed the absence of Eduardo Franco, sparking speculation about his role in the upcoming season. The actor has now personally confirmed that he will not be part of the final season.

In an interview with Steve Varley, Franco was asked if he would be returning for another season of Stranger Things given his absence from the cast photo. He said,

“It’s nice to hear that there’s, there’s some sort of, you know, concern or something, you know what I mean?  But I’ve never, I never got a phone call. So I think, yeah, I think that’s it.”

Argyle was last seen in Pizza Place where Eleven went to battle Vecna. The next shot of them was leaving for Hawkins with Jonathon driving. It is presumed that he was left behind in California.

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Fans were disappointed to learn that Argyle will not be making a return in season 5. One user wrote on Twitter, "Eduardo Franco deserves better I despise the way the creators of Stranger Things treated him it's absolutely unacceptable and disgusting."

Another person alleged that the actor was not treated well on the sets. "i’m so pissed off im so sorry to eduardo franco he deserves so much better it makes me icky thinking about it…not only that but i’m pretty sure i remember he had mentioned that he wasn’t treated that great on set anyway?? idk but it’s fucking crazy"

A third person wrote, "Eduardo Franco is too good for Stranger Things!!! I know there will be a retrospective on that show where people realize that past a certain point ST just coasted on extremely likable talented actors and general hype. It’s already starting."

One person said that he is boycotting Stranger Things 5, "I was already boycotting the show, and this gives me even more reason to boycott. I already knew they were going to write Argyle out of the show, but this is absolutely disgusting. I hate how they couldn't even give him the courtesy of a phone call."

Do you believe Argyle should have a more satisfying conclusion in Stranger Things? Share your thoughts by writing them down in the comments section.

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