Theory: This Major Character will Die in Season 4 Volume 2

Date:  June 22, 2022

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 trailer has arrived and has left the fans worried for their favourite characters. While everyone is assuming that either Steve or Robin will die, a fan on reddit has predicted that it will be Mike Wheeler who will be killed off in volume 2.

A reddit user LegendOfFN shared his thoughts on the character death that no one is expecting. He wrote,

"There's been theories all over the internet on who might die at the end of S4. The most popular names are Steve, Eddie, Nancy, Joyce, Jonathan. But no one expects this one character. That is Mike Wheeler.

If you think about it, Mike's character is kinda developed fully. Yes, there is still one dynamic left for him with Will which I don't think will go much far since it's obviously one-sided and is set up for Will to get rejected and get broken beyond repair."

The user also talked about the consequences of Mike's death. "If Mike dies, it would change the tone of the series entirely. Literally everyone would be affected, everyone. This would send El insane. This would push the characters even further to do something in order to beat the big baddie in S5. And most importantly, this is something no one would see coming."

finn wolfhard mike wheeler stranger things season 4

Most of the fans agreed with this theory as one user wrote, "Remember what Mike said in ep 1 before he left to Cali: “How am I gonna survive a week without you guys?”

Another one said, "that’s what i’m saying, expected the unexpected. the directors know what they’re doing. they make us all think this one character is definitely going to die and it end up being a character we never thought would have died."

Also in the new trailer, there's a shot of Nancy looking extraordinarily upset by something. It looks like Max, Dustin, Lucas, Erica, Robin, Eddie, and Steve are all going somewhere in a Winnebago RV. They all seem extremely sad as if someone they love has recently died. Could it be Mike Wheeler?

What are your views on this theory? Let us know your thoughts in comments section.

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3 comments on “Theory: This Major Character will Die in Season 4 Volume 2”

  1. I believe you may be right. This may be the thing to give El the memory of the greatest feeling, her first love and the worst memory, death of that person. Imagine how strong her powers will come raging back

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