Stranger Things Creators Share Costumes Video for Season 5

Date:  November 22, 2023

The work on long-awaited Stranger Things season 5 has finally started. The makers have already initiated the production process, and they've recently unveiled a video showcasing the costumes for the upcoming final season.

Following the conclusion of the actors strike, production for season 5 kicked off last Monday. The makers are actively constructing expansive sets for the upcoming season. Additionally, negotiations are underway to secure dates from the Stranger Things actors, as many of them are currently engaged in other projects.


Once the actors return to the set, the final table read will take place. Subsequently, they will undergo costume fittings for the final season. The writers of Stranger Things have also shared a video showcasing the costumes of all the characters.

The video was shared on Twitter and had captions, "Our wardrobe is bigger than your wardrobe"

The writers of Stranger Things have also disclosed that the table read for the final season is scheduled to take place this year. While they haven't provided a specific filming date, given the approaching holiday season, there's a possibility that filming could be postponed to January 2024.

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