Stranger Things Season 5 Teaser Shows Scoops Ahoy in Complete Chaos

Date:  September 13, 2023

The makers of Stranger Things have just posted another cryptic tease on social media which is keeping fans busy as they are trying to figure out what any of this could mean for the franchise. In the clip which has gone viral on social media, the Ships Ahoy counter is laying on the ground in shambles.

We all know that Stranger Things is ending with season 5, but the final season's production has not started due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. In the meantime, Netflix is trying to keep the buzz high by releasing promotional content. In a post shared on Twitter, the official account for Stranger Things posted a short video showing rubble at the Starcourt Mall, where Robin and Steve worked at Scoops Ahoy.

The sign of the maritime-themed ice cream parlour lay on the ground amidst the wreckage, along with the whiteboard on which Robin humorously tallied the numerous occasions Steve showcased his 'sucking' skills. ‘Excuse our mess…,’ the message from the Stranger Things account read.

Check it out below.

It has prompted fans to spring into action, immediately embarking on the task of unravelling any concealed messages or meanings. Some fans claimed that the Scoops Ahoy sign was intermittently flashing lights in a pattern reminiscent of Morse code.

‘Does the light mean anything in Morse code?’ one person asked, while another said: ‘What if the lights flicking are Morse code #StrangerThings fandom wake up!’One fan claimed to know what it meant in the dot-dash form of communication, as they wrote: ‘The Morse code spells out RUN.’

‘Watch this be the announcement for the Walmart ice creams,’ one person predicted.

Just recently, it was announced that Scoops Ahoy-themed ice creams were set to launch at the American retailer. Hence this teaser could be about that. In response to one fan who commented on the teaser by writing: ‘I would love a Scoops Ahoy ice cream rn,’ Stranger Things account wrote: ‘Boy do I have good news for you.’

Stranger Things is well known for including multiple Easter Eggs in its trailers and teasers, which has created many fan theories. Some of them were even proven true. Let’s see what the new teaser can tell us as it focuses on Scoops Ahoy.

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