Stranger Things Season 4 Mystery Message Included in New Merch

Date:  October 21, 2021

It's been more than two years since Season 3 of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix.  The streaming service has announced that the next instalment of the popular TV series will release in 2022. However, a new piece of Stranger Things merch has given us a secret message regarding the highly anticipated season 4.

Stranger Things last debuted new episodes on Netflix back in 2019 and left fans with a major cliffhanger involving the fate of Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Many expected the series to return within the next year and a half, but the coronavirus pandemic erased those hopes when it shut down production on Stranger Things season 4 for months on end. Now the show is set to return in 2022, though Netflix has yet to give a specific date.

With the wait for Stranger Things season 4 going on, the producers of the show has started promotions. Netflix has released various teasers hinting at what to expect from season 4. Even though Netflix has shared a lot for season 4, they have still managed to not reveal a single thing. Fans have been left to theorize on their own.

For those who are willing to spend some extra bucks to get a sneak peek, there's a new clue to discover. Now available for pre-order on Walmart, Netflix is selling a special Crosley Cassette Player Bundle which features Stranger Things season 4 mystery message. It features a fully operational cassette player with a tape deck, AM/FM radio, tape recording, and Bluetooth functionality. Fans can decorate the player with stickers and play their tapes, though they might want to start by listening to the tape that comes with the bundle, which features a special voicemail from a mysterious Stranger Things season 4 character.

The cassette player set costs $64.88 and the shipping will be started from November 19. Even though it is costly but it is still worth it if you want to find out the new secrets of season 4 which are going to be messed up as per the actor Finn Wolfhard. He made the remarks on an episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Given that production of the show has been completed,  fans are guessing new episodes will release in March or April 2022. Until then, keep on listening to old-school cassettes on your stereo.

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