Sadie Sink Gives Season 5 Release Update

Date:  July 6, 2022

Now that Season 4 has ended, fans have already started waiting for the final installment of Stranger Things. The actress Sadie Sink who plays Max has hinted viewers could have to wait longer than anticipated.

Stranger Things season 4 aired in 2022 after a hiatus of three years. Sadie Sink has now shared disappointing news about season five.

In an interview with Deadline, the actress revealed she had no idea about plans for production. When she was asked about potential filming dates, Sink admitted: “I have no clue. It takes a while to get everything ready to go for a new season because once we start filming, we do not stop."

She also added: “This last season took two years in total, so who knows how long season five will take.”

fas elogiam atuacao de sadie sink na 4a temporada de stranger things widelg

Speaking on the creators and their process, Sink continued: “The Duffers definitely know the fans will be eagerly awaiting the fifth season, but I don’t think they’re gonna rush it. They wanna make the best final season that they could possibly make. Hopefully, we can get out there soon, but then also I’m like, no, drag it out as long as you can. I don’t wanna have to leave,” she concluded.

Considering that season 5 will be its last, the expectations are high. Let's hope we will not have to wait for long.

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