Production on Season 5 Will Start on Monday

Date:  November 12, 2023

Now that the actors strike is over, the production on Stranger Things season 5 is all set to begin. David Harbour recently revealed that they will get back to work on Monday.

The final season of the popular Netflix show has been in production since earlier this year. Fans have eagerly awaited the series finale, but due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the show's production faced significant delays. However, according to David Harbour, the wait is now over and he is ready to resume work.

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In an interview with People Magazine, the actor expressed his enthusiasm for commencing the filming of Stranger Things. When discussing the upcoming season of the show, he stated, "I mean, I don't know if we'll be shooting next week, but yeah, as soon as possible."

He mentioned that he heard from the showrunners right after news of the strike's resolution circulated on social media as they asked him to come to Atlanta on Monday so they could start filming. "They literally called me, I think it was 10 minutes after the SAG thing on Twitter. The first AD [assistant director] is like, ‘So, get the flight for you on Monday, right? We'll be acting in Atlanta.’"

The actor expressed his excitement about starting work on the much-anticipated fifth and final season of the series. "I'm thrilled with that. I'm ready to work. I mean, there are other people that maybe aren't, but I am thrilled."

Stranger Things 5 Filming Schedule

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On November 9, David Harbour had previously announced that production for the final season would commence the following week. His recent statements now confirm that the actors will be returning on Monday.

If David Harbour's statements hold true, it is likely that the actors and creators of Stranger Things will begin discussing pre-production details on Monday. Then they will convene for the table read of the final season, typically held on Fridays. Following the table read, the filming process is set to kick off. It is anticipated that filming for the final season will likely commence in a couple of weeks.

This marks a significant step forward in the production timeline, bringing the cast together for the initial stages of the long-awaited final season. Fans can anticipate the unfolding of behind-the-scenes preparations before the cameras start rolling in the coming weeks.

Apart from Stranger Things, David also talked about his life during the SAG-AFTRA strike. "I mean, you have to ask my wife, because I've been sitting on the couch depressed as hell. It's been bad. It's like what happened to me in the same way in COVID, where you think to yourself like, ‘Oh, now, I kind of have all this time.’ And then you just check your Google alerts every five minutes and are just neurotically insecure."

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