Noah Schnapp Loses 1 Million Followers on Instagram

Date:  December 6, 2023

Noah Schnapp continues to face criticism following his involvement in a controversy tied to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The actor has experienced a significant drop in his Instagram followers since expressing support for Israel.

The actor faced heavy criticism for sharing controversial posts on Instagram, especially when he endorsed stickers featuring phrases like "Zionism is Sexy" and "Hamas is ISIS." Subsequently, there has been a surge of online demands to hold the actor accountable for his actions.

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Since October 2023, Schnapp has witnessed a significant decline in his Instagram following, losing over 1 million followers. Currently, he stands at around 24.8 million followers, with the numbers steadily decreasing each day. Notably, he has dropped to the third position among the most followed Stranger Things stars on Instagram. Following the controversy, Sadie Sink has surpassed him in followers, while Millie Bobby Brown maintains her top position with an impressive 63.5 million followers.

The actor is absent from all social media platforms except TikTok. His latest post on Instagram dates back to the controversial statement made on October 11. Notably, he removed the photoshoot with Ami Paris from his Instagram account after the brand severed ties with him in the wake of the controversy.

Noah Schnapp is Receiving Death Threats

Noah Schnapp continues to face ongoing bullying on social media, with the distressing escalation of receiving death threats and hate messages. Certain individuals went as far as plotting to attack the actor at the UPENN campus, while others expressed a desire for him to experience renewed bullying similar to what occurred last year.

Previously his phone number, home address and other private information were leaked online. Disturbingly, there are now instances of users exploiting Deepfake technology to create fabricated and inappropriate videos of Schnapp.

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Since the onset of the controversy, Schnapp has maintained a low profile. He has only attended one event associated with his brand TBH and this gathering drew a limited audience.

A growing number of fans are calling for Noah Schnapp's replacement in Stranger Things season 5. They have threatened to boycott the final season unless the actor is dismissed. Additionally, there are suggestions and support for Jaeden Martell as a potential replacement for Schnapp in season 5.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Netflix has chosen not to terminate Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things. Earlier reports indicated that Netflix was monitoring Schnapp's behavior, and now the decision has been made to retain the actor. The rationale behind this decision is that Will Byers holds a central role in the storyline of season 5. Making cast changes at this juncture is deemed potentially detrimental to the overall viewing experience.

Noah Schnapp is set to return to the Stranger Things sets to commence production for the final season. The initial phase involves joining the rest of the cast for the table read. People will be paying close attention to how other cast members, especially Millie Bobby Brown, interact with Schnapp due to the ongoing controversy.

Netflix's decision to retain Noah Schnapp for Stranger Things may potentially lead to some consequences. However, there is optimism that as season 5 unfolds, the controversy surrounding Schnapp may gradually subside. The hope is that the focus will shift back to the storyline and characters.

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