Maya Hawke reveals how Eddie can come back in Season 5

Date:  July 16, 2022

Fans have been upset over the death of Eddie Munson in season 4. Now Maya Hawke (Robin) has given one suggestion that how the beloved character can come back in season 5.

Eddie (Joseph Quinn) was introduced as Hellfire Club leader and soon forms a strong bond with Hawkins gang, especially with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). The character sacrificed himself in the last episode which left fans shocked. There is even an online petition demanding Eddie Munson be revived which has more than 60,000 signatures. FT4CW4jWAAACplw 1

Maya Hawke told NME, “I totally sympathise with fans who want to see more of him. I feel like we can’t keep killing people and bringing them back to life – the same fans would be so annoyed! But I would love them to find a way to have Eddie’s ghost in the mix, just because Joe Quinn is such an awesome guy. He’s so much fun to have on set and such a great actor.” Returning next year without him, she adds affectionately, will be like “losing a weird limb”.

Do you think Eddie will return in season 5? Let us know in the comments section.

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6 comments on “Maya Hawke reveals how Eddie can come back in Season 5”

  1. Please! I love the theory that he will come back as Kas, Vecna's puppet and right hand from DND, who has a shield like Eddie's, it's too perfect for it not to be done

  2. We don’t want Eddie to come back as a ghost that would be so very stupid and repetitive, they should’ve killed off someone from the main cast. They can find ways to bring him back that would please a majority of the fans.

  3. Has no one clued into the fact that Eddie Munster in the old TV show was a vampire? Does this not seem like a Duffer thing to do?

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