Maya Hawke hopes Robin gets to kiss somebody in Season 5

Date:  July 16, 2022

Maya Hawke who plays Robin in Stranger Things has said that she wants her character to kiss somebody in season 5.

Hawke has been a part of Stranger Things since season three when she joined the cast as a rambling ice cream waitress Robin Buckley alongside Steve Harrington. In just two seasons, she has become one of fans' favourite.

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The actress speculated about the final season in an interview with NME. She said,  “I trust the [Duffer] brothers so much,” she says. “If I was a writer and my actors were always going in the press talking about what they thought I should do with the character, I’d be like, ‘Uh, I got this?’ So I trust them completely to have a great story arc for Robin.”

She stops and then gives one small suggestion: “I hope she gets to kiss somebody – somebody she likes. That would be cool for her.”

Both parts of Season 4 are streaming on Netflix.

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