Joseph Quinn Is Being Harassed by Stranger Things Fans

Date:  August 31, 2022

Joseph Quinn has become highly popular after the release of Stranger Things season 4. He played the role of Eddie Munson which brought him critical acclaim and fame. However, the actor is now being harassed by some of the fans.

It is being said that few people have become highly obsessed with Eddie. Stranger Things star recently attended FAN EXPO Canada 2022 where he interacted with fans. After the event, some of the fans followed him to his hotel in Toronto and then waited for him in the lobby.

Quinn's private photos from his family’s Facebook were also found and shared on social media. Just recently some people waited at the airport for Joseph Quinn and Grace Van Dien (who played Chrissy) to arrive and then they clicked their pictures and are now selling them on the internet. Grace has also been cyberbullied for her friendship with Quinn and she had to make her Twitter private to avoid trolls.

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But it looks like things have become too creepy now as Joseph Quinn's alleged dating profile has been leaked on TikTok and the actor is facing a backlash from some of his fans. Photos of Quinn's alleged profile have appeared on both Twitter and TikTok. The leak contains previously unseen photos.

video posted on Twitter shows someone scrolling through Quinn's Raya profile.

Quinn has not commented on the possible leak. However, many have taken to social media to defend his right to privacy and are calling out people for sharing the content.

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"Joseph Quinn has had one of the /worse/ welcomes into fandoms," one Twitter user wrote. "He has been stalked, doxxed, and f---ing harassed over a /role/. and last night was one of the most disgusting things this fandom has ever done. someone found his PRIVATE dating profile, and exposed his privacy through pictures we hadn't seen before."


"The fact that someone found Joseph Quinn on this app and the first thing they decided to do was post a f---ing TIKTOK exposing his pictures and profile, makes me sick. this man deserves privacy."

Most of the people were clearly in the agreement.

"Your faves are f---ing people and it's not you," another wrote. "Time to accept it and maybe spend more time on yourself than worrying what celebrities are doing in their private lives. it's not your business." They also urged people to remove any photos from the profile.

Check out some more responses below:


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