Jamie Campbell Bower says Fans Tried To Get Him To Apologize For Eddie's Death

Date:  September 1, 2022

Jamie Campbell Bower has revealed that "Stranger Things" fans asked him to apologize to his costar, Joseph Quinn, for his character Eddie Munson's death.

The actor, who plays Henry Creel aka Vecna in the latest season of Stranger Things,  told NME that the request came while he and Quinn were on a press tour in South America in July.

"I haven't got a single boo [on the streets] yet, but when we went away to South America [for promo] they tried to make me apologize to Joseph," Bower told NME. "I was like, 'I don't want to apologize — I'm not sorry! He's a victim."


Bower also said that he has formed a close bond with Quinn. “He would always check in on me and vice versa while we were working,” Bower says. “Then after the new season came out [in May], we got to hang out more together [during the press tour], and it’s been great. I love that guy, he’s so funny. Everyone who I’ve introduced him to who’s seen the show is like, ‘What? That’s fucking Eddie Munson?"

Quinn's character, Eddie Munson, has become fans' favourite after his heroic death in the season 4 finale. Despite Bower's saying that he wasn't "sorry" for Eddie's death, he actually did apologize to Quinn in a video posted by Netflix last month.

"Things got really complicated at the end of the season, and I did some things I regret, you know," Bower said in the Netflix video. "I'm really sorry about that, that felt awful."

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