Fans Slam TikToker For Giving Natalia Dyer Plastic Surgery Recommendations

Date:  July 26, 2022

Plastic surgery nurse practitioner Miranda Wilson is being slammed by Stranger Things fans over her Natalia Dyer video.

A self-proclaimed advanced injector Miranda Wilson went viral on TikTok with a video in which she revealed what types of plastic surgery she would give Natalia Dyer. Apart from that she also Photoshopped Natalia's face to show people what Natalia would look like if she gets plastic surgery that Miranda recommended for her.

Hence Stranger Things fans were quick to slam Miranda for the video as it soon appeared on Twitter and Instagram.

In the original video, Miranda says: "Okay guys, let's talk about Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things. First of all, she killed it in Stranger Things." She added: "So if I were Natalia's injector, this is what I would do." Miranda then listed everything from chin filler and lip filler to a brow lift and botox, before unveiling a picture of Natalia edited with her surgery tips.

Here are some Miranda's suggestions: "We'd start by treating those masseters to help slim the face... Next, I would actually add a bit of chin filler just to help fill out her chin," and, "I would add just a little bit to the lips and then we'd get in there and do a little bit of botox. I'd give her a nice brow lift to help open up her eyes."

Check out the video below.

Fans were outraged by her video as one tweeted: "Natalia Dyer is way more attractive than the woman filming this. On multiple levels. Plastic surgeons like her religiously believe the oily, sticky, beige blob Kardashian-type hooker look is "beauty" but it's not. It's regressive, ugly, and unforgivably boring."

Someone also tweeted: "If a surgeon is saying this BEAUTIFUL young actress needs £10K worth of work to her face, what hope do the young girls watching this trainwreck on TikTok have?"

Here are some more responses.


After the backlash, Miranda has since deleted the video but she has not apologised for it.

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