Fans Share Their Support for Noah Schnapp After University Leaks

Date:  September 5, 2022

Stranger Things fans are sharing their support for Noah Schnapp after a Twitter thread leaked some disturbing details regarding his campus life.

According to the leaked details, the actor is surrounded by fake friends who are planning to pressure him to do drugs and alcohol at university. It also claims that girls at the school are trying to take advantage of him (date rape) and people from his college are taking videos/photos of him and selling them to paparazzi sites.

Noah Schnapp

After the leak, fans are now showering their support from Noah Schnapp on Twitter. A user wrote, "I don’t care how famous Noah Schnapp is, he’s still a human being, he’s still facing the horrors and evils of the world we live in. No one should ever be bullied or feel like they have to question whether people genuinely want good for you. This is all so sick."

A second user shared his support for Noah Schnapp as he wrote, "If you think Noah Schnapp deserves anything that’s happening to him, you’re disgusting and need to get help"

Another user writes, "Noah Schnapp deserves to be treated like a human fucking being and not literal garbage. i don’t understand What made people think that this behavior is acceptable? poor Noah."

Here are some more responses from Twitter.



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2 comments on “Fans Share Their Support for Noah Schnapp After University Leaks”

  1. I wish noah to find real friend in there who helps him, and why people doing these things he is still human like them, but u think karma is real…

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