David Harbour says he has known for years how Stranger Things ends

Date:  May 22, 2022

The fourth season of Stranger Things is upon us and as expected every fan is curious as to how the popular show will end. Recently actor David Harbour, who plays Hopper on the show, has said he has known the finale plot for years but added that he is not out to spoil the show for anybody.

In a recent conversation with Variety, David talked about his character and said, “‘What happens to Hopper? Is he a character that’s able to survive Hawkins or does he die?’ I know what happens and it’s quite moving and quite beautiful.”

stranger things russia david harbour

He added that when they were shooting the first season, he told the show’s creators Duffer Brothers that he needed to know how it all ends. “I think that I needed to know as we were shooting early on, because I needed to know where he ends up and for what reason he ends up there. I think there is going to be somewhat of a morality – or at least responsible storytelling – to what the Duffers are doing,” he said. However, the actor clarified that he will not reveal the big spoiler. “I will hold this one to my grave, I promise. This is a big one,” he added.

Recently, Netflix released the first eight minutes clip from the upcoming season, which showed Eleven’s rampage at the Hawkins facility. The final season will begin streaming on May 27, with the last two episodes releasing on July 1.

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