Season 5 Theory Implies That To Save Max Is To Kill Will Byers

Date:  August 1, 2022

There have been many theories regarding what will be the fate of Max in season 5 of Stranger Things. But this latest theory implies that the ending of Stranger Things will be dark.

In season 4 Max died for a brief moment before she was brought back to life by Eleven. It was later revealed that she is in a coma now. The ending of season 4 also revealed that Will has a connection with Vecna and he can feel him. Since then fans are speculating that Will Byers could turn evil. So in order to kill Vecna, they will have to kill Will.


But this latest theory suggests the Hawkins gang would have to choose between Will and Max. Let's dig into it.

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A user StrangerWill has posted the theory on Reddit. "Brenner's words to Eleven are clear, Henry doesn't just kill but he "consumes" his victims. He consumed Max, and that's how he successfully opened the gate in the attic and connected all four to open one massive gate. When Eleven went into Max's mind while at the hospital, it was blank. To awaken Max from her coma is to truly kill Vecna, probably a strong plot point for season 5."

The user further talks about Will's connection with Vecna. "There're a lot of similarities between Henry and Will. It has been confirmed that Vecna was indeed the Mind Flayer, or at least created it from the floating dark particles and used it as a vessel. We know that the Mind Flayer controls the Demogrgons, and most likely controlled the Demogorgon of season 1 who took Will.

Now the question is, why Will? And I think it's because Henry wants to regain his human form again, so he chose someone he relates to, someone who's said to be "sensitive" just like how Henry was called sensitive too. Will said that the Mind Flayer wanted to kill everyone but him. He doesn't want to harm Will, and I think that goes against everything Henry has been saying. He simply doesn't want to kill him because he has been wanting a body to use ever since he has been banished to that alternate dimension.

So if both points are true, then that's a big issue. Because it implies that to save Max is to kill Vecna, a.k.a. Will. Would they be able to get Vecna out of him like they did in season 2? Maybe, if that's the case then I hope so. But we could also be seeing a very tough decision during season 5."

Do you think this theory will turn out true? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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One comment on “Season 5 Theory Implies That To Save Max Is To Kill Will Byers”

  1. A lot has happened since will had said the mind flayed wanted to kill all except him. Vecna met max, and called her the strongest and bravest of the fragile people. This corrects a timeline of Henry's decision, when also considering Jane-11 had to have given a piece of herself to resurrect Max and being in a coma tethers Max to Vecna, who was once in a coma himself and that disappearance of her mindscape could very well be the advantage vecna is taking to groom Max's conscience out as she is tethered to vecna, the fourth gate and is embed with the properties of Eleven.

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