Fans Waiting For Season 5 😂

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Millie Bobby Brown Slammed For Using A Ghostwriter For Her Book
September 18, 2023
A few days back Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown released her debut novel Nineteen Steps. However the actress has ....
Theory: Eleven Will Take Vecna's Place To Rule In The Upside Down
September 17, 2023
Stranger Things 4 was an emotional rollercoaster and ended with a cliffhanger. Now brace yourself for more thanks to a ....
12-year-old Boy Saves Drowning Man, Credits CPR Learned From Stranger Things
September 14, 2023
A 12-year-old Florida boy's love for Stranger Things helped him save a men from drowning. Last week, the boy named ....
Stranger Things Season 5 Teaser Shows Scoops Ahoy in Complete Chaos
September 13, 2023
The makers of Stranger Things have just posted another cryptic tease on social media which is keeping fans busy as ....
Stranger Things 5 Is Major Cinematic Storytelling, Says Shawn Levy
September 12, 2023
The makers of Stranger Things pushed the boundaries of television episode lengths in season 4 as it featured two episodes ....
Millie Bobby Brown Reacts to Eddie Munson and Kas Theory
November 1, 2022
Millie Bobby Brown has responded to some viral fan theories relating to Stranger Things. In a new interview with ET ....
Season 5 Theory: Max Is Alive Inside Vecna
October 25, 2022
While Stranger Things season 4 showed that Max is technically alive, there's a chance her true situation may be a ....
Theory: If Vecna Dies In Stranger Things 5, Will Byers Might Too
October 19, 2022
A new theory from Dungeons & Dragons lore suggests that if Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) dies in season 5, Will ....
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