Jamie Campbell Bower says Vecna is potentially Eleven's father

Date:  July 19, 2022

Jamie Campbell Bower's portrayal of Vecna has received a lot of praise from fans. Vecna was the big villain in season 4 and the Hawkins gang could not beat him this time. They will have another chance in the upcoming final season.

The actor recently talked with GQ about his character Vecna and his relationship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). When asked if he feels that Vecns is evil, he said,

"My thing was always that he's kind of this righteous hand of justice and he's there to change the world for the greater good. Which, let's be honest: A lot of people who have done terrible things often do think that. But I think for him, given his upbringing, given his experience, given all of the things that he's gone through, his belief system is pretty bang on, it's pretty real. So he's not there to just cause chaos for the sake of causing chaos. He’s there to change the world because he sees the world as a very dangerous and toxic place for him to live in, where people aren't really themselves. And he wants to show people that it's necessary to be yourself, I suppose, in some way."

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At the start of the season, One (Jamie Campbell Bower) was quite tender with Eleven. He revealed that he sees Eleven as his sister or even his child.

"I think he sees a lot of himself in her. If you get to pick it apart, she is basically his sister or potentially even his child, based on the fact that she was kind of created from him. And she's obviously an outsider too. She's bullied by the other kids in the lab and he felt the same way growing up. So he does look at her with a tenderness, but he's having to toe the line in terms of existing in the lab because Brenner has obviously suppressed him, manipulated him, or tried to manipulate him, and also physically hurt him as well. We see that scene where the guards are shocking Henry with the prods and that's not the first time that will have happened to him. So he's learned very quickly that he has to suppress himself as well. He does hope, I think, that she would come with him, because he can relate to her and they are sort of friends.

It was interesting as well having to play with Millie, who's a bit older. I think she was turning 17 when we first started working. But there’s the younger version of her character that I'm interacting with, which is what I'm really seeing. So when I'm working with Martie [Marie Blair], who plays the younger version of Eleven, I'm treating her a lot more like a child. I had to bring that into my interactions with Millie as well. So instead of looking at her like a 17-year-old young person, I was looking at her like she was 10 years younger. And the way we interact with children is very much like coochie-coochie-coo, everything's lovely, aren't you beautiful? That kind of thing."

Do you think Vecna is Eleven's father? Let us know in the comments.

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