Jamie Campbell Bower: I Understand Vecna and I Love Him

Date:  July 6, 2022

Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Vecna on Stranger Things said that his character has "more humanity than perhaps any others". Jamie's terrific performance as Vecna was universally acclaimed by critics and fans.

In a recent interview with Variety, Jamie opened up about his character. When asked if Vecna has any humanity left, the actor said.

"Yes, more humanity than perhaps any others. He grew up in an environment where his father murdered a civilian and a civilian family on the orders of people he never knew, who were presenting themselves as these upstanding citizens. In whose eyes are they upstanding? I’m still angry about it now! So, there was a lot of humanity there, and then when El sends him into the Upside Down, all he’s left with is this rage and resentment. She takes everything away from him — everything that he possibly could have had, is now gone because of her. That is enraging. It’s more than that — it’s hate-fueling. It’s irritating. It’s actually really irritating."

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Jamie also said that he can relate to Vecna. "I think there’s still a level of humanity to him, even where he is now, but I think the humanity of him being where he is now is a fact that I can relate to. I’m sure we all can. Sometimes if we hold on to things for too long, they become consuming — really, really consuming — and I feel like that’s where he’s gotten to, he’s in this consuming state. Maybe that’s bullshit. But it feels right to me."

Later he was asked if he view Vecna as a villain. To which the actor replied, "Am I able to view him as a villain? I’m certainly able to view him as as a point of conflict. But in terms of, like, is he evil or villainous? I mean, I understand him, and I love him. And I relate to him. I just got a pain in my eyes as I was saying that — maybe I should shut up! Like, I understand him, and so I’m always gonna be on his side."

Stranger Things season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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