Does Max die in Season 4 Volume 2? (Spoilers)

Date:  July 1, 2022

Stranger Things fans can rejoice as the series is finally back. is finally back with its second part of the fourth season. The much-awaited fourth season was split into two parts, with volume 1 releasing on May 27 and volume 2 coming out on July 1. Vecna was introduced as the big villain and he is after our beloved characters.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 4 volume 2.

In volume 1, Max (Sadie Sink) was trapped by Vecna as she was suffering from the trauma and guilt of Billy's death. She was saved as Dustin, Lucas and Steve played her favourite song 'Running Up That Hill' by Kate Bush. She did not die in volume 1 but it was close call.

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Does Max die in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2?

In volume 2, Max was still being followed by Vecna and it was thought that she is supposed to be his fourth victim. In the last episode, “The Piggyback,” Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) thought that she might save Max if she goes into her mind and fights Vecna. In the end, Eleven managed to beat Vecna but it was too late. He had already trapped Max and her bones had begun to break. She briefly talked to Lucas and later dies in his arms.

However, later we find out that it is not the end of Max. At the end of the season, all friends are united and they visit Lucas at the hospital. He is reading a book to Max who is in a coma. Lucas says her heart stopped for over a minute and she died clinically, but she came back.

So Max does not die in Stranger Things season 4 volume but instead, she is in a coma and we don't know when she will awake.

You can watch all nine episodes of Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix.

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5 comments on “Does Max die in Season 4 Volume 2? (Spoilers)”

  1. My guess is since Season 5 is the final season, It's gonna be some end game shit. My guess is Vecna comes back, It's up to Eleven to fight Vecna and the fate of Max is unknown. She may wakeup if Eleven finds Max and Eleven might kill vecna & sacrifice to end it once in for all to save Max. If Max doesn't wakeup and dies then a lot people could be upset. I still blame the Jock Jason. Although he is in hell now after being split

  2. But didn’t eleven not see max while in her mind? So max is mostly dead then? Like if she was in a coma, eleven would have prob been able to see max in her mind

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