Theory: Stranger Things Ending Will Be Similar to Harry Potter

Date:  August 21, 2022

Since Will has said that he can feel Vecna, Stranger Things fans are suggesting that Will and Vecna might have a supernatural connection similar to Harry Potter and Voldemort. Thus it will be the two of them facing off in the final Stranger Things battle.

After the ending of season 4, a barrage of bizarre fan theories has been flooding in. One of them is the similarities between Will Byers and Harry Potter. A unique mind connection with the main antagonist. Just like Harry's scar, Will gets neck tingles when Vecna is close or getting stronger. These are some similarities that fans have pointed out on Reddit.


Redditor msteenmassachusetts wrote,

"I’ve watched ST all the way through three times now and I randomly decided to watch the Harry Potter films which I haven’t seen since I was a child. I notice a TON of similarities between Will and Harry:

  • A connection between Will/Harry and Vecna(Mind Flayer?)/Voldemort that can’t be explained but is evident through physical symptoms (Will’s neck tingling, Harry’s scar hurting) when the villain is active or close by.

  • The ability to see structures no one else sees, such as will’s “now memories” of the Upside Down tunnels and Harry’s ability to see corridors in the Ministry of Magic

  • Will literally dresses as a wizard, but idk much about D&D so I’m not sure if he is classed as a wizard

  • Will is The Boy Who Came Back to Life and Harry is The Boy Who Lived

I predict that similarly to Harry’s “death” Will must die to truly kill the Mind flayer (Vecna?) but he won’t really die because only the part of him that is telepathically connected to the villain must die."

Another user ProvoqGuys responded, "Andddddddd what was Will’s character when we were introduced with them playing D&D? A wizarddddd"

Apart from that, there are many similarities between characters from both series. For instance, Max and Ginny are alike, not just in appearance (red hair), but also act as catalysts to move the narrative forward. Ginny, a supporting character, gets possessed by the memory of Tom Riddle. In the same way, Max is the first one to interact with Vecna from the group of her friends.

Vecna’s character has also been compared with Lord Voldemort himself. He has a physical resemblance to Tom Riddle and they also have almost the same supremacist ideology.


There is also another comparison between The Nina project, the ‘Pensieve’, and Riddle’s Diary. All these elements act as vessels of memories that take you down a labyrinth of past occurrences. They are a perfect tool to set exposition and manipulate the user under the guise of knowledge. Even the Duffer Brothers have compared it to Harry Potter.

Back in 2017, when asked about the conflict between Mind Flayer and Eleven, Matt duffer replied, “It’s a little bit of the Harry Potter thing, in terms of ‘oh this is the one person who can stop me?'”.

So what do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. And let's not forget that Vecna is literally played by Jamie Campbell Bower who played Grindelwald (basically the voldemort before voldemort) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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