Stranger Things Creators say Season 4 Finale is Extremely Emotional

Date:  June 9, 2022

Stranger Things Volume 1 was released a few weeks ago while part 2 will be released on 1 July. As the fans wait impatiently, the series creators have said that the season 4 finale will be extremely emotional.

Talking about season 4, Matt Duffer told TVLine, “I’ve stopped trying to predict how people are going to react because you never know. Part 2 has a little bit of everything. It’s extremely emotional while also having the most action and spectacle we’ve ever had.”

Ross added that Part 2 was described by Eddie’s portrayer. “Joe Quinn is very eloquent. He’s such a smart kid. He called it a mad symphony of chaos. I’ll borrow that. That’s what it is, especially the final episode.”


As you already know that Season 4 is split up into three locations. Hawkins, California and Russia. Talking about that Ross said,  “We’ve been cross-cutting between these different worlds all season,” notes Ross, “but the cross-cutting just gets really rapid-fire in the finale as we’re bouncing from one world to the next.”

“But,” adds Matt, “it’s not wall-to-wall action. That’s what I like about being able to do something long-form. The finale does very much feel like a blockbuster spectacle, but there’s also a lot of time spent dealing with our characters. Hopefully, it’s satisfying for people.”

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