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Stranger Things Season 5 Episode Count Is Revealed

August 26, 2022
The episode count for season 5 of Stranger Things has been revealed in a new behind-the-scenes image. Stranger Things returned for ....

Theory: Season 5 Will Feature Time Travel

August 25, 2022
We have seen so many theories about what's going to happen in season 5. Now a fan has come up ....

Noah Schnapp Altered His Voice to Make Will Byers Sound Younger

August 25, 2022
Noah Schnapp has revealed that he was asked to speak in a higher pitch to hide the effects of puberty ....

Noah Schnapp Has a Summer Job Like a Normal Teen

August 24, 2022
Unlike most high schoolers his age, Noah Schnapp doesn’t technically need a summer job to pay for his expenses. However, ....

Charlie Heaton Fuels Natalia Dyer Breakup Rumors With Mystery Blonde

August 24, 2022
Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton has fueled rumors that he and costar Natalia Dyer split after he was spotted with ....

Theory: Stranger Things Ending Will Be Similar to Harry Potter

August 21, 2022
Since Will has said that he can feel Vecna, Stranger Things fans are suggesting that Will and Vecna might have ....

Fans Call Out Joyce For Not Being a Good Mother

August 20, 2022
Some Stranger Things fans are saying that Joyce Byers has not been a good mother to her children. In Stranger Things, ....

Stranger Things Season 5 Theory Says Vecna isn’t The Final Villain

August 20, 2022
The stage is set for one last battle with Vecna in Stranger Things Season. But a new theory claims that ....
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