The Duffer Brothers hint at Steve’s fate in Season 4 Part 2

Date:  June 25, 2022

Stranger Things fans are worried about Steve Harrington and his fare in season 4 volume 2. There have been many theories on the internet where people are stressing that their beloved character will die before the final season.

Duffer Brothers gave an interview to Variety where they talked about the possibility of Steve's death. They also talked about the theory that Steve will get rabies or something from the demobat bite.

Interviewer Kate Aurthur says, “I’m worried about Steve.” And the Duffers laugh, adding that they fully realize “everyone” is worried about Steve.

Then Arthur asks, “How lethal do we think being bitten by a demobat is?”

“I wouldn’t worry about the bat thing. That’s more my thing, I have this thing, I’m worried about bats. So anyway, that was just me fixating on bats the moment I wrote that.”

Arthur follows up with, “So, he’s going to die in some other way?”

To which Matt says, “If he’s going to die, it’s not going to be from the bat bite.”

Though they have not confirmed or deny the death of Steve in part 2, we can assume that if he does die, they will give him a heroic ending.

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