Stranger Things 4 Release Date Has Probably Been Decoded By Fans

Date:  January 30, 2022

Stranger Things is the most awaited show by Netflix right now. Fans are waiting eagerly to know what happens next to the people from Hawkins.

The Netflix drama has been in production for the longest. It went on floors in March 2020 and stayed in production for almost 2 years. The makers have released a couple of promos of season 4. But the release date was still missing from the teasers. Now it seems like the curious fans have themselves cracked the date.

A Redditor u/mart_btar shared his unique experience as per We Got This Covered. He wrote, “My friend and I were reviewing the Stranger Things 4 teasers and tried to call this number shown on the Surfer Boy Pizza van 805-45-PIZZA. According to an article on, the phone number used to lead to nothing but a voice saying “The phone number you just dialled is now active.” However, if you try to call it now, it plays Happy Birthday music. This may be related to the title tease for episode 6 of ST3 which was supposed to be “The Birthday” but got changed, with nothing related to a birthday being included in season 3. Also, the location of the call traced back to San Luis Obispo, CA. Let me know your theories!”

The comment section of this post as soon flooded. One of the fans decoded and wrote that the release date is July 15, as it marks the anniversary of the show. And surprisingly it is also a Friday this year.

Are you excited for season 4 of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments section.

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