Millie Bobby Brown launches new customizable Converse line

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown has announced that her third Converse collection will drop this month. It will be in a range of fully customizable pairs designed with female empowerment and self-expression in mind.

Millie brought the 20-year-old Bangkok-based artist Pauline Wattanodom to create the graphics for each shoe. Every pair features the same design: two hands connected in a pinky swear, the strings of their friendship bracelets intertwined.

“To me, fashion is such a strong expression of who we are as girls and it does contribute greatly to our sense of identity. “Empowered women empower women. The more people empower me, the more I want to empower people. That’s a never-ending cycle of amazing women, like Pauline.” Brown said in a press release to Seventeen Magazine.

In an interview with Converse All Stars, Brown said that Wattanodom’s artwork send messages of positivity and strength. “That’s everything I love and more,” the actress said.

The duo worked together from concept to execution to decide on colors, materials, and graphics, according to Seventeen.

Available on March 15, the sneakers will be customizable for each individual shopper, according to the product preview page. Patrons will have the option to change the color of the shoe canvas and laces.

Brown has been Converse’s youngest collaborator since her debut line in 2019, according to Footwear News. She released her second line with the sneaker brand in August 2020.

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