Gaten Matarazzo Recalls The Moment He Learned Hopper Was Returning To The Show

Stranger Things fans will remember exactly how they felt in Season 3 when they thought Hopper died. Of course, there were speculations that Netflix will not kill star David Harbour, as he was fans favourite.

Interestingly, the actors of Stranger Things were apparently not told outright what Hopper’s fate would be. Actor Gaten Matarazzo who played Dustin shared with Us Weekly how he and the others felt when they learned the news and when they finally confirmed David Harbour would be back.

“I guess most of the cast had a pretty good idea that he might be making a return, but they weren’t too sure about it from the beginning. By the time we had gotten to the table read [and] we had all started reading together, it had been pretty clear. But it was great to have it confirmed when we saw David there.

It was confirmed in the teaser of Season 4 that Hopper is back. It was revealed that while Hopper survived, he somehow ended up being held as a prisoner in Russia.

Gaten Matarazzo also said that heand his costars do their best to keep a “happy, energetic” atmosphere on set.

“We don’t have to try too hard. We like each other, which is always a plus,” he joked on Wednesday. “As well as having a lot of the heavy, dark stuff in the show, it’s surrounded by a lot of lightheartedness [and] a good amount of comedy. … We usually have a fun time on set.”

Stranger Things Season 4 doesn’t have an official release date as of yet, but it’s expected to arrive in late 2021.

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